May 29, 2023

Privacy & Security of Electronic Health Records

  • By Emily,
Privacy & Security of Electronic Health Records

EHRs (Electronic Health Records) are the electronic versions of the data records for doctors or other healthcare providers. Electronic Health Record may contain the medical history of the patient with notes as well as other health-related information such as symptoms, diagnosis, medications, vital signs, immunity, any lab results and record of the diagnostic report like x-rays.

The health care providers are working along with doctors, hospitals, and the whole healthcare sector to determine ways for sharing information. The information in EHRs can be shared with other organizations to deliver the best care to the patients. The information of EHRs should be shared and used only for providing healthcare under the law authorized for the same.

Some benefits of using electronic health records in the health care sector are as follows:

Improved Quality Care

The doctors use EHRs to provide you with the best care you need by sharing your details securely with the other healthcare providers through the system.

Some key points of EHR are:

  1. The medications patient take are mentioned in the record so that other health care provider does not give you any other medications.
  2. The EHRs are always on backup same as every other system so your data will always be safe and secure and can be retrieved if the system gets damaged in any way.
  3. EHRs will also help in cases when the patient will not be able to explain his/her health condition such as in case of unconsciousness, the EHR will grant the emergency team to access the patient’s data which will help them to know the details of the patient such as medications, health issues, and any tests.

Care Efficiency

Electronic Health Records make it easier for doctors to track patients’ lab results and share the progress report with the patient with the help of the system.

The EHR creates an ecosystem so that every report are accessible in your file so that every health care provider can see the data and no tests have to be repeated.

Convenient Care

Electronic Health Records also help in alerting the health care providers for contacting the patient when it is time for certain screening tests.

The EHRs make the whole task very much easy for the patients, as the health care team are able to share the information with doctors, pharmacies, labs and others in the health care sector so that you don’t have to fill the regular forms again and again.

The EHR also makes your document safe and secure as there is no chance of losing the data through a backed-up system so that the patient doesn’t have to carry their documents along with him/her anywhere for the checkup.

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