May 29, 2023

How to Select the Right EHR System

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Ricky Martin

EHR Expert

As per a recent report by the ONC data brief, 97% of hospitals nationwide use EHR data, with 82% of them using it to support quality improvement. The usage of the EHR system has been steadily increased year over year in almost every part of the world. However, if you have barely known about this system or planning to purchase it in the future, this article can be of great help.

Here, we’ll highlight specific criteria that aid you in making a high-quality decision about which EHR to choose.

Identify If It’s indeed Required

Transforming your traditional operation into the digital system like EHR has always been time-consuming and labor-intensive in the initial phase. So, ensure if it’s really required, and your team is fully prepared to spend the time on this task. It’s not just you; your vendors will also have a well-defined onboarding process that might extend this migration a little more.

Delegation of Migration Task

If you truly need to migrate to the EHR system, you can proceed with the next steps mentioned in this article.  To begin with, you must identify the right person in your committee to handle this migration process. This individual’s primary role is to learn about EHRs and help the team in implementing this system.

Get Your Budget Straight

In general, EHR vendor contracts comprise multi-year pacts, and the costs associated with picking out a vendor is more likely a hindrance for healthcare professionals. Therefore, take your time, learn your budget, and select the one that fits in your bracket. 

Decide the Requisite Features

There are various types of EHR systems, such as self-hosted, web-based, SaaS-based, etc. These systems come with distinct features, and not all elements are essential for your healthcare facility. So, understand your objectives as well as patient requests from an EHR to decide the functionality that is important for the right functioning of your service.

Compare a List of EHR Vendors

Now you know your goals, budget, and the features, it’s time to start searching for EHR vendors to compare. With a ready-made checklist of criteria, you can directly communicate with the vendors and pick the one that checks almost every box on your list. This organized selection process will undoubtedly lessen your burden. Once selected, schedule demos and take your time to decide the right vendor. 

Wrapping Up

These steps will help you find the best EHR for your healthcare facility. Without delay, analyze them in detail to search the EHR that fits your medical practice and increase the efficiency of your day to day operations.

About Author: Ricky have 8 yrs of experience in contributing useful insights for EHR industry.

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